Tests up to 6kVA

Load Tester

MHM Load Tester 1

6kVA Generator Portable Tester Only

This portable dual voltage generator test centre is an essential piece of generator test equipment, designed to offer portable, easy, simple and efficient voltage, frequency and amperage load testing of a generator.

MHM Load Tester 1

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a tester only. A load needs to be applied to run a full generator test. To load the generator for testing, hire fleet equipment can be used, such as fans, heaters, blowers or other.

Features & Benefits
  • Maximum test load: 6kVA / 4.8kW (230v + 110v)
    Ideal for testing a fleet of generators up to 6kVA
  • Tester displays voltage (v), frequency (Hz) & amperage (A) under both load and no-load conditions
    Allows test engineer to ensure correct setting of generator
  • Lightweight, portable and complete with carry handle
    Ideal for workshop or mobile engineer
  • Plug and play connectivity
    Load tester comes complete with 1 x 230v (16A – 3m) + 1 x 110v (16A – 3m) generator test leads
Socket Configuration
3ph (400V) 1ph (230V) 1ph (110V)
32A 16A 32A 16A 32A 16A
- - - 2 x Socket - 2 x Socket
Test Leads Configuration (3m)
3ph (400V) 1ph (230V) 1ph (110V)
32A 16A 32A 16A 32A 16A
- - - 1 x Plug - 1 x Plug