easy to, hire, sell, setup, operate and manage
easy to, hire, sell, setup, operate and manage
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Solar Hybrid Battery Diesel Generator


When looking for a robust, reliable, good quality solar hybrid generator look no further than our MGTP 60 SHG-5.

stage 5 Engine
HVO Fuel approved
Features & Benefits
  • 60kVA combined solar, battery and diesel generator power
    Ideal for low and variable temporary power applications over long periods of time
  • Automatic self-charging Hybrid system
    Completely automatic with nice, simple and easy user friendly usability
  • Fully adjustable roof mounted high efficiency solar panel
    Providing power to support and maintain the internal batteries in all weather conditions
  • Lithium batteries
    Robust, durable and long lasting
  • Kohler diesel engine (Stage 5)
    World class performance and water cooled
  • HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) fuel approved
    Suitable to run off either diesel, HVO or a mixture of both fuels
  • Exclusive MHM engine protection shutdown system
    In the case of low fuel, low oil pressure, high engine temp and battery charge failure
  • 3 way fuel valve
    Easy connectivity to an external fuel tank
  • Linz alternator
    Heavy duty and proven reliability
  • Variable RCD
    Flexible protection
  • Emergency stop button
    A must on any UK site
  • Internal bund alarm
    For added site safety
  • Fork pockets
    For flexible, safe lifting
  • Fully bunded base (110%)
    To retain all spilt fluids
easy to, hire, sell, setup, operate and manage
easy to, hire, sell, setup, operate and manage

Optional Extras

GPS Telemetry Tracker
GPS Telemetry Tracker
Power Performance Telemetry
Power Performance Telemetry
Solar Kit
Solar Kit

Weights & Dimensions

  (Machine only)
Length 3300 mm
Width 2200 mm
Height - Solar Panel Down 2186 mm
Height - Solar Panel Up TBA mm
Dry Weight (No Fuel) 3650 kg
Wet Weight (Fuel Full) 4210 kg
Socket Configuration
3ph (400V) 1ph (230V) 1ph (110V)
125A 63A 32A 16A 32A 16A
Output Input Output Input Output Input Output Input
1 1 - - - - - -
Optional Extra
215W Solar Kit – 215W per panel "Plug & Play" Maximum of 4

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