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Ready to Rent 30kVA/ 45kWh Battery Pack

When looking for a robust, reliable, good quality 45kWh power storage pack, our BatPack 30-45 has everything the hire market requires.

Most suitable to pair with a 45 - 150 kva diesel generators
Features & Benefits
  • 30kVA / 45kWh battery power storage
    Suitable for very large power requirements on site
  • Lithium iron phosphate battery
    Heavy, duty, robust & proven reliability
  • Battery charge level indicator
    Clearly shows battery charge status (ie. low or full)
  • (AGS/S) Auto generator Start/Stop
    Connect to generator for auto Start/Stop facility
  • Fork pockets and lifting eyes
    For flexible and safe lifting on site
  • 1 x 63A socket (400V)
    Easy plug & play connectivity
  • 63A (400V) recharge socket
    Recharge from mains or a suitable size generator in only 3 hours
  • Solar panel compatible
    Connect to a solar kit for renewable power recharge

Optional Extras

Road-tow Kit
Road-tow Kit
Solar Kit
Solar Kit
Vandal & Shatter- Proof Solar Panels
Vandal & Shatter- Proof Solar Panels
Power Performance Telemetry
Power Performance Telemetry

Weights & Dimensions

  Battery pack only With road-tow kit
Length 1570 mm TBA mm
Width 1270 mm TBA mm
Height 1700 mm TBA mm
Weight 1200 kg TBA kg
Socket Configuration
3ph (400V)
Input Plug
3ph (400V)