HVO Fuel Approved
Ready to Rent
Portable mobile
diesel lighting tower


When looking for a portable, easy to manage diesel lighting tower, look no further than our Mini-Lite (LED-4).

8.5m Mast
100% Solar Powered
eco friendly badge
standard load delivery 26 per truck
Features & Benefits
  • 4 x 200W LED fully adjustable 360° swivel & tilt lighting head
    2,600m2 of illuminated light coverage
  • 5.5m vertical stainless steel vertical mast
    For quick, simple and easy set-up
  • 4.5kVA (230V) Generator Power
    Plenty of power to run the lighting head and general site requirements if needed
  • Linz alternator
    Heavy duty and proven reliability
  • Yanmar diesel engine (Stage 5)
    Electric start, reliability and longevity
  • HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) fuel approved
    Suitable to run off either diesel, HVO or a mixture of both fuels
  • Exclusive MHM engine protection shutdown system
    In the case of low fuel, low oil pressure and battery charge failure
  • Central lifting eye
    For flexible and safe loading and off-loading
  • Fully bunded base
    To retain all spilt fluids
  • Complete with trolley kit, retractable handles & 2 x fully adjustable stabiliser legs
    For easy positioning and set-up
Minlite led images
Street lite 2 led-4 coverage
Street lite 2 led-4 coverage

Optional Extras

Road-tow Kit
Road-tow Kit
Mains Power Input Plug
Mains Power Input Plug
GPS Telemetry
GPS Telemetry

Weights & Dimensions

  (Transport mode) (Operating mode,
stabiliser legs out, mast up)
Length 1170 mm 1635 mm
Width 866 mm 1226 mm
Height 2300 mm 5500 mm
  Dry (No Fuel) Wet (Fuel Full)
Weight 400 kg 441 kg
Socket Configuration
1ph (230V)

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