Welfare Cabin Ready Electrical Distribution Box


32A 3ph (400V) site electrical distribution box to suit a 10–25kVA generator

When looking for a robust, reliable, good quality generator distribution box, look no further than our MHM Distrobox 1-W.

Suits a 10 - 25kva generator
suitable for most cabin application
Features & Benefits
  • Simple plug & play connectivity
    Easy to manage for most construction or event site applications
  • Heavy duty, hard and durable IP rated thermoplastic polyurethane box
    Shock, weather proof, lightweight and long lasting
  • Carry handles, interlockable and stackable design
    Perfect for transportation and storage
  • Full protection on the inlet and all outlet sockets
    Reduces risk of overloading or overheating and ensures safe operation
  • Neon light power indicators on all inlets and outlets
    For quick, simple and easy trouble-shooting on site
Input Plug
3ph (400V) 1ph (230V)
32A 32A 16A
1 - -
Output Socket Configuration
3ph (400V) 1ph (230V)
32A 32A 16A
1 6 -