extra Super Silent

Ready to Rent 8.75kVA petrol Generator


When looking for a robust, reliable, good quality 8.75kVA inverter petrol generator, look no further than our Honda EU70is.

Honda 5 year warranty
stage 5 Engine
Approved Honda Dealer for the UK
Features & Benefits
  • 8.75kVA (230V) AC Power
    Plenty of power to meet the demands of a small generator hire
  • Honda inverter alternator
    Heavy duty and proven reliability
  • Extra Super Silent metal and plastic construction
    Super quiet, robust and durable
  • Low oil alert
    Automatically shuts down engine if engine oil is low
  • Only 118kg
    Extremely light weight
  • Complete with trolley kit
    For nice and easy manoeuvrability, transport and storage

Weights & Dimensions

  Complete on trolley kit and handle folded down Complete on trolley folded out
Length 850 mm 1200 mm
Width 700 mm 700 mm
Height 721 mm 721 mm
Dry Weight (No Fuel) 118 kg 118 kg
Wet Weight (Fuel Full) 137 kg 137 kg
Socket Configuration
1ph (230V)
32A 16A
1 2

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