Generator Trailer Range

RT4 – 3500kg Twin Axle Braked Trailer

Suitable for most brands of generators and other static plant such as tanks, pumps, compressors and other.

RT4 – 3500kg Twin Axle Braked Trailer
stage 5 Engine
Features & Benefits
  • Ready for work rolling chassis
    Simply load your tank or bowser and go
  • Towable chassis is fully certified and approved and is recorded on a data base in accordance with Regulation 2007/46/EC
    No further testing or certification is required as the standard issue certification satisfies all the elements of trailer legislation and chassis can be legally and safely towed with, or without a pay load
  • Open frame design
    Simply fasten and secure your tank or bowser on and off the chassis with ease
  • The design is approved for various load fastening variations
    Choose from ratchet straps or nut and bolts fasteners as both are acceptable
  • Chassis is complete with mudguards, brakes and rear lights
    Trailer is suitable for UK and Ireland highway use
Maximum towable weight of
Suitable for most brands of tanks or bowsers up to 100kVA,* including the following MHM models:
STAGE 5 Engine
STAGE 3 Engine
RT4 3500kg Diagram

Weights & Dimensions

  Trailer only
Length 4800 mm
Width 1840 mm
Height 825 mm
Weight 580 kg
Max. Load / Bed Weight 2920 kg
Max. Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) 3500 kg
Max. Bed Area 4100 mm2